Can purchased articles be send back or exchanged?2018-11-07T19:39:51+00:00

If the articles are damaged it is possible to send them back. The articles will be checked
internal, if the article is indeed damaged they can be exchanged or paid back within 30 work days.

All other forms of exchange is possible within 14 work days.
This brings an adminstrative cost of 12% of the total amount of the order.
After 14 work days it is no longer possible to exchange an article.

What if my article is out of stock or there aren’t enough articles left?2018-11-07T19:49:56+00:00

When a particular article is out of stock or there aren’t enough pieces left, we advise you to
send a mail to: [email protected] That way we can check our stock and report back to you
on when the article(s) should be back in stock.

What if I ordered an article that was in stock but is currently out of stock?2018-11-07T19:50:53+00:00

If the article is out of stock, we will contact you asking you if you would like to change
the article with an article that is in stock or if you want to cancel your order
so we can pay back the paid amount minus any administrative cost made by My Tex Box
Or you can choose to wait for the article to be back in stock.

Are there discounts on buying multiple articles?2018-11-07T19:52:19+00:00

There are discounts, these are automatically deducted from the total price.

Can the colors in textile differ from each other?2018-11-07T19:54:20+00:00

The color of an article can differ from the actual live article depending on the color settings
of your monitor

Can the sizes and measurements of the article deviate?2018-11-07T19:55:20+00:00

Every measurement is an average as shown on the measurement table.
The actual measurement of your product can deviate from this average.

Is there a possibility to pick up orders?2018-11-07T19:57:01+00:00

You can choose to pick up your order. Picking up your order is possible at Wijnegem Shopping Center
at The Picture Shop, Entrance 10 Ground Floor.
Your order will be available in the store +/- 3 work days after you placed your order.

What are the shipping costs for my order?2018-11-07T19:58:26+00:00

You can check the shipping cost at the check out. For orders from 250 euro and above there is no shipping cost.

When you choose to pick up your order there is no shipping cost.

How long does it take to deliver my order?/ How long do I have to wait for my order to be delivered?2018-11-07T20:00:17+00:00

Time of delivery differs per country:

Belgium: +/- 5 work days

The Netherlands: +/- 6 work days

France: +/- 7 work days

Germany: +/- 7 work days

Luxemburg: +/- 7 work days

Italy: +/-8 work days

Spain: +/- 12 work days

Great-Britain: +/- 8 work days

Bulgary: +/- 14 work days

Denmark: +/- 8 work days

Estonia: +/- 10 work days

Finland: +/- 10 work days

Greece: +/- 8 work days

Hungary: +/- 9 work days

Ireland: +/- 12 work days

Croatia: +/- 12 work days

Latvia: +/- 10 work days

Lithuania: +/- 9 work days

Malta: +/- 8 work days

Austria: +/- 8 work days

Poland: +/- 10 work days

Portugal: +/- 9 work days

Romania: +/- 9 work days

Sweden: +/- 9 work days

Slovakia: +/- 9 work days

Slovenia: +/- 8 work days

Czech Republic: +/- 9 work days

* We/The company is not responsible for any delay by customs, strikes or any other kind of
delay by third parties or couriers. Holidays can also cause delays.

Note that orders will be kept for 2 months, after 2 months the order will be deleted.
After this period of 2 months any rights to claim this order in any way will expire.

Will my personal informations and/or be saved?2018-11-07T20:00:53+00:00

Images/pictures or personal information will not be saved.

There is a complication with my order, what is the most efficient way to come in contact with someone to fix this?2018-11-07T20:02:10+00:00

If there is a complication regarding your order we advice you to send a mail to [email protected]
or contact us through the contact application.

U can find the contact application on the top right under contact.
We respond as fast as possible regarding your problem so you can get
back on track with your order.

I haven’t received any order confirmation in my mail box?2018-11-07T20:03:28+00:00

If you haven’t received an order confirmation be sure to check your spam mail.

How do I cancel my order?2018-11-07T20:04:22+00:00

An order which you have not paid for yet can be cancelled any time, there is no extra cost
for canceling.

An order which you have already paid for can be cancelled if it has not been made yet
(only for orders where this applies to), the redeposited amount to the customer is the paid amount minus any

administrative cost made by My-Tex-Box